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If you are running a crowdfunding campaign, then our service is exactly for you. Its for campaigns of any type and doesnt matter if you are successful or if you are struggling. You cannot run a campaign without promotion. If people don't know about your campaign, they cannot contribute. They will hardly find you. The word about your campaign has to be spread as much as possible. Crowdfunding sites also works with various factors to display your campaign. factors like views, comments, shares on social networks, etc..

Without raising these factors your campaign will stay burried behind other more active campaigns. Don't let other campaigns get in front of yours. Our service will help you raise these factors and give your campaign a better exposure. We will share your campaign on several social networks with dozens of thousands of potencial backers. our accounts are gaining hundreds of new followers daily. We will also review your campaign and give you some tips how to improve it and how to be successful.
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We have promoted campaigns from 61 countries and have helped raise over $8 million. In past we have been on fiverr. Here is several successful stories.

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